Air-Conditioning Service & Maintenance

If you are looking for an expert air-conditioning contractor to design and install your next air conditioning system then Kinetic is perfect for you.

Kinetic also offers high quality air-conditioning service & maintenance.

 For outdoor units this maintenance service will include:

  • Unit inspection for proper refrigerant level

  • Cleaning of debris from inside the cabinet

  • Inspection and cleaning of base pan for restricted drain openings

  • Inspection and cleaning of coil and cabinet

  • Inspection of fan motor and blades for damage and lubricate as necessary

  • Inspection of control box including electrical parts

  • Inspection of compressor and tubing for damage

 For indoor units the maintenance service will include:

  • Lubrication of motor and inspection and replacement of fan belt if necessary

  • Cleaning or replacing of air filters

  • Inspection and cleaning of blower assembly

  • Inspection of combustion blower housing for debris and removal of obstructions

  • Inspection and cleaning of coil, drain pan and condensate drain lines

  • Inspection of gas leaks in gas furnaces

  • Inspection, cleaning and adjustment of burner assembly

  • Inspection of flue system

  • Inspection of control box including electrical parts

  • Inspection of ductwork 

Contact us to discover how we can be involved in your upcoming project for air-conditioning service & maintenance.